Whether you’re buying or selling a boat, whether you need a major overhaul or routine maintenance, or whether you need to take your boat to the next marina over or clear across the globe, you can count on Prego Marine to provide top-notch service, or to connect you to trusted service providers.

Listing Broker: Do you want to sell your boat? A good listing broker will do much more than suggest you have the boat washed, and then take pretty pictures on a cloudless day. Prego Marine Group will take the time to thoroughly learn your boat’s condition. If you’ve kept detailed maintenance records, or if your engines are legendary for their reliability, we will feature those details in our listing. Further, we will use our knowledge of general market conditions, and how the market particularly values your boat’s make, model and year of manufacture, to procure the highest-possible sales price for your boat.

Selling Broker: Whether you’re buying your first or fifth boat, we will determine where your wants, your needs and your financial ability intersect, and then leverage our reputation and knowledge of the market to find the boat that is perfect for you. Our objective is for you to enjoy your boat MORE than you imagined you would, thanks to our suggestions and guidance, even if that means you buy a boat that costs less than your budget.

Yacht Maintenance & Repair: We’d like to tell you that the boat we just helped you buy will somehow, magically, never cost you a dollar in maintenance and repair, but we’d be lying, and we don’t lie. Our extensive knowledge of the marine industry means that we will recommend the boat yard that is most appropriate for your boat. What does that mean? It means we take into consideration your boat’s size and the particular maintenance need, and then match those factors to a boat yard. We will not always steer you to one boat yard, because we are not tied to one boat yard. Our recommendation will always match your boat’s needs.

Marine Detailing: Marine detailing is much more than making your boat look good. It’s actually an important component of the maintenance of your boat, and it adds value when it comes time to resell. Scheduled detailing will not only allow for the cleaning of your boat, but will permit the early discovery of problems that if promptly addressed, will save you money and downtime. Count on Prego Marine Group to recommend the marine detailer that is appropriate for your boat.

Captain Deliveries: From time to time, the perfect boat for you, the boat you decide to buy, is located elsewhere, far away from our South Florida shores. Ideally, you as the buyer would have the time to travel to where your new boat is, and drive her back home. However, we know that is not always possible. When this is the case, you can rely on Prego Marine Group to find a qualified captain and if necessary, crew, to bring your new boat home.

Domestic & International Transportation: We regularly represent buyers in other regions of the United States, and even other countries. When a captain delivery is not feasible, we will leverage our founder’s background in transportation to securely, economically and expeditiously transport your boat to you.