About Us

Boating, whether it’s in Miami, the Bahamas, the Caribbean or elsewhere, is fun and relaxing, it’s good times with family and friends. So, shouldn’t your purchase or sale of a boat be fun and hassle-free as well? After nearly 15 years as a yacht broker serving Miami and the greater South Florida community, Albert Prego founded Prego Marine Group in 2020 to have the freedom to make boat-buying and selling fun for our clients.

Our search area is not limited to Miami and South Florida. We have bought boats from Maine to the Florida Keys, along the Gulf Coast, and abroad. If we’re representing you as a seller, we want to ensure that you get top dollar for your boat, and we’ll leverage our extensive network of local, national and international industry players to do so.

As its founder and senior broker, Albert Prego’s goal is to imbue every aspect of every transaction handled by Prego Marine with the joy that is inherent in boating. At Prego Marine Group, we believe that every part of the boat-buying or selling process should be a pleasure. To ensure that you enjoy buying or selling your boat through Prego Marine Group, we leverage our extensive experience in the industry, our commitment to honesty and transparency, and our effort in ascertaining the precise wishes and needs of every client.